Based on the principles of “Quality from design, improved with responsibility” the company starts to grasp product quality management from the source of work. We believe that design not only contains the research and planning of product process, but also contains the planning and organizing of work. Product quality is improved by the implementation of responsibility in working process. The company is keeping improving staff member’s quality and work performance to stabilize product quality from the aspects of equipments, environment and management with cautious and conscientious as well as down-to-earth manners.
Our company’s quality control system contains quality assurance and analysis center two functional departments which are responsible for quality management, supervision and test respectively. Analysis center is in charge of quality testing for raw and subsidiary materials, products, intermediates and process water for R&D and production department. Quality assurance department is responsible for building perfect quality control system. Furthermore, it standardizes and perfects various kinds of quality control rules by arranging full-time QA personnel to monitor the whole process of material supplier evaluation, raw material purchasing, warehouse entry inspection, productive process, product releasing, delivery and customers’ feedback. Meanwhile, it manages the whole quality control system by the methods of circuit checking, periodical checking and periodical reporting. In addition, it organizes GMP knowledge updating training periodically in order to enhance all personnel’s quality concept. Besides, we passed the certificate of ISO9001:2008 international quality system in 2010.
EHS management
We strictly observe ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 and have built an effluent treatment plant with processing capacity of 2,500 tons/day to ensure that the COD in wastewater is less than 500 mg/L. And we are positive response to the policy of energy conservation and emissions reduction. The company provides personal protective equipments and healthy environment for all employees. Besides, it has built complete fire safety facilities and security check equipments to provide security assurance for each employee.